Saturday, August 01, 1970

"Happily for me, I escaped the snare"

Wednesday, 11. On the ninth instant, a Chief among the Crees, came to the fort, accompanied by a number of his relations, who appeared very desirous that I should take one of his daughters, to remain with me. I put him off by telling him, that I could not then accept of a woman, but probably might, in the fall. He pressed me however, to allow her to remain with me, at once, and added, "I am fond of you, and my wish is to have my daughter with the white people; for she will be treated better by them, than by her own relations." In fact, he almost persuaded me to keep her; for I was sure that while I had the daughter, I should not only have the father's furs, but those of all his band. This would be for the interest of the Company, and would therefore, turn to my own advantage, in some measure; so that a regard to interest, well nigh made me consent to an act, which would have been unwise and improper. But, happily for me, I escaped the snare.